A  powerful undercoat for vehicles that are
on roads in Maine and other states which
uses Salt, liquid sodium chloride and liquid magnesuim choride
 on their roads to melt ice and snow!

**For optimal performance Fluid Film® should be applied

Before application
of Fluid Film

After Application
of Fluid Film





Before application
of Fluid Film

After Application
of Fluid Film

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    If you drive on Maine roads
in the winter time, then you are picking up liquid sodium
chloride and liquid magnesium
chloride as well as salt. When this
gets on the underside of the vehicle it immediately starts corrosion of the vehicle. It starts corroding any bare metal such as the frame and uncoated brake lines as well as fuel lines.

Undercoating your car with Fluid Film® will slow down the corrosion process and help from having to replace brakes lines and other parts which are prone to corrosion on the underside of your vehicle.

For optimal performance Fluid Film® should be applied annually. It puts a liquid film on the underbody of the vehicle which stays as a liquid, does not freeze and is resistant to wash off. It will not restore the metal that has corroded but it will inhibit more  corrosion from forming as long as it stays on the corrosive areas.



















Created By DP Lincoln 11/11/09

    This an affordable solution to protecting the under body of your vehicle during the harsh Maine winters!
    Fluid film® stops corrosion from harsh road salts and fertilizers during the spring and summer. Its unique solvent-free, woolwax formulation supplies long-lasting corrosion protection without evaporating from the surface.
    Fluid Film® protects all metals by creating a non-drying barrier that moisture can not penetrate.... provides long   lasting lubrication for moving parts....will not harm rubber or plastic and resists water wash off....does not freeze...
inhibits build up of snow and ice. Click below to find the nearest dealer near you to protect you vehicle

Fluid film® is a Powerful Corrosion Protection & Lubrication for the green industry.